About Herbal Smoking

Welcome to Herbal Smoking, the home of organic and natural herbal smoking blends!

When you think of ‘smoking’, you probably think of the chemical heavy, nicotine-riddled tobacco that dominates the contemporary market. What you may not know is that natural alternatives exist, free from artificial compounds and synthetics!

Herbal Smoking is dedicated to providing such alternatives. Our herbal smoking blends bring balance and calm – without tobacco, nicotine or other damaging chemicals. For years, our founders have been enjoying natural alternatives to harmful tobacco, and now we are bringing our beautiful herbal blends to you!

Why Go Herbal?

Most smoking substances that are commercially available contain countless ingredients that shouldn’t enter the human body – tar, carbon monoxide and ammonia to name a few. Our hand-crafted smoking blends contain nothing but natural, traditional herbs and spices.

We select and mix all our blends ourselves, meaning you always know exactly what you are smoking – can you say the same for standard cigarettes and tobacco mixes? When you smoke a store bought cigarette, not only does it hit your wallet hard, but there’s little certainty about combination of compounds and chemicals is entering your lungs.


Locally Source
Chemical Free
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